How To Write An Office Cleaning Contract

If you are planning on starting a cleaning company, you should write an office cleaning contract to make your deal legally binding. It isn't advisable not to have a contract because it could be disadvantageous for your cleaning company. You can write a contract yourself and have your clients sign it. Having a contract also makes you look like a professional business person. Here are some tips on how to create a contract:

1) Get a contract form at your neighborhood office supply store or create one from scratch. Type the phrase 'Service Agreement' in bold letters on top of the first page. Type the names of parties involved, you and your client. Don't forget to indicate the date of the cleaning job. If it will be a long-term contract, specify what day the contract starts till the date it ends.

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2) Next, indicate the services you will be providing. Make it detailed to avoid confusion later on about tasks you've agreed on. Mention the frequency of your cleaning service whether daily, weekly or monthly. If some cleaning tasks will be done more often than others, specify that too. For example, you may have to polish floors every other day but sweep them daily.

How To Write An Office Cleaning Contract

3) The next section of your office cleaning contract will contain details about supplies. State what cleaning solvents or materials you will provide. You would usually have to provide all cleaning supplies and tools like pressure washers, mops, vacuum, rags, cleaning solvents, floor wax and carpet shampoo. Tip: don't forget to bring extension cords. If your client wants to provide extra cleaning materials and supplies, state that too in your contract.

4) You will also have to place your rates in your office cleaning contract. Consider the costs of labor, cleaning materials and solvents, your profit, overhead expenses of running the office, wear and tear of your cleaning tools, and the gas expenses of traveling to and from your job site. Show an itemized list. They can see that you have a basis for charging your rates and makes you look trustworthy.

5) Near the end of your office cleaning contract, specify your payment terms under the COMPENSATION section. State your fee and how much time you're giving your client to pay up. State if you will get paid after each job, weekly or monthly. You should also specify if they will pay by check, credit, or cash. You also have to mention if the payment will be mailed to you, delivered, deposited to your bank account or if you will pick up the payment on your next visit. You can also provide a clause that states if there are any consequences for paying late.

6) At the bottom of your office cleaning contract, place lines for signatures. If your state requires it, have a lawyer notarize your contract to make it legally binding. You might also want to provide a clause for reasons and conditions for breaking the contract.

Not having a contract gives other companies the chance to steal your client away from you. It also give your client an easy opportunity to look for other cleaning companies who can give the same service for a cheaper price. If you have a lawyer friend, ask him to check your office cleaning contract first before you give it to your client to sign.

How To Write An Office Cleaning Contract

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